St John’s Hill Kindergarten

St John’s Hill Kindergarten

Childcare / Kindergarten

We take advantage of our location in the green area known as Kaiherau, near the croquet, bridge, harriers and cricket clubs. We focus on gardening, growing vegetables and herbs, and recycling our scraps for the worm farm. We are developing our outdoor space, with a larger sandpit and more area for the large gardens. The Kindergarten has a strong Committee and receives great support from parents and the community. It has good relationships with local schools.


19 Parsons Street, Whanganui

Hours ?

8:30 am - 3:30 pm , Weekdays

Under 2's

  • Not licensed

Over 2's

  • Licensed


Please enquire

Subsidies ?

  • 20 Hours free


  • BYO


  • 45

Ratios ?

  • To standard


  • Well placed / He pai te tūnga 2019view